Water Ballasting Your Tractor Tyres

Ballasting is used to improve the stability of your tractor and provide efficient traction when your rear mounted implement is heavy or requires a lot of tractive force. The most common ballasting technique involves adding weights to the front to re-balance the load distribution over all four wheels and make it possible to increase traction […]

Wheel Wisdom

Change is the only constant. Autumn turns to winter; day turns to night; and tyres wear out. Tread wear is normal, and it is natural for a tyre to shed its tread over time. But though you cannot hold back the winter or postpone the night, there are things that you can (and should) do […]

Full Circle – A Brief History of Tyres

From solid to pneumatic, from bikes to motor vehicles, wheels and tyres are like so many other vehicle components: we take them for granted. Most of us are accustomed to the regular replacement of our car’s tyres, which eventually wear out. It’s easy to forget how different it was just a few decades ago, before […]

Make Your Tyres Last Longer

Changing your tyres can be an expensive process, but it is necessary. So, how can you ensure that you save time and money by doing it as infrequently as possible?   1. MONITOR YOUR TYRE PRESSURE Incorrect pressure is your tyre’s worst enemy! So, check your pressures regularly. Lower your tyre pressure to avoid soil […]

Minimizing Soil Compaction at Planting

Planting time can be a difficult period on the farm—the weather rarely cooperates, which can keep farmers from entering their fields, and delayed planting eventually starts costing yields. Keep reading for a few tips to minimize soil compaction at planting. Planting in Optimal Soil Conditions One of the easiest ways to prevent soil compaction is […]

Should I Choose a Radial or a Bias Farm Tyre?

Agricultural tyres continue to evolve to meet the needs of today’s farmers, but whether to choose a bias or radial tyre remains a nagging question. So how do you make the decision of whether to save a few extra dollars by staying on older-fashioned bias tyres, and when are the features and benefits offered by radials worth […]

Tyre Selection – Keep it simple.

Introduction Selecting the proper tyre size, load range and design is very important to ensure satisfactory performance. The best guide is to follow past experience and use the advice of professionals who are familiar with the types of tyres used in service conditions similar to yours. TyreZim representatives are ready to aid you in this […]