At Tyrezim

As a leader in the industry, we aim to provide expert advice and quality products. We have a growing list of TyreZim Outlets in Zimbabwe, equipped to get tyres to those who need them most when they need them most.

Fitment & Balancing

We offer fitment and balancing on Passenger, Truck and Mining tyres. Our professionally trained staff are on call to check, fit, change valves, and balance your tyres to ensure you are safe on the road.

Delivery & Transport

TyreZim have a fleet of vehicles for delivery country-wide on a special arrangement basis only. Deliveries are reserved for account customers on a planned delivery system.

Specialized Account Management

Delivery, special pricing, and specialized customer care can be arranged for regular TyreZim customers.

Tyre Fitment

So you've bought new tyres?

We’re so happy to have supplied you with a set of quality tyres! Now of course they’ll need to be fitted to your vehicle. We have expert staff waiting in the fitment bay. Just bring the car around, and enjoy a magazine and cup of coffee in the waiting room while they:

  • Check each new tyre to make sure everything is in order for your vehicle.
  • Mount each tyre to its rim, and inflate it to the correct air pressure.
  • Using a special machine, find any imbalance in the wheel and determine its severity.
  • Balance the wheel by affixing wheel balancing weights to the rim.


Ready to go

We hope you enjoy your new driving experience. Be sure to pop into TyreZim the next time you need new tyres, and if anyone you know could use our services, you can tell them where to go!

Tyre Rotation

Rotate your tyres to beat wear and tear

Tyre wear and tear is natural part of driving, unfortunately. Since most cars are front-engine cars, the front axle bears more weight than the rear axle. This means your front tyres wear quicker than your back tyres.

There are also other causes of uneven wear, like:

  • Turning left. Most interchanges and parking ramps require you to turn left. Left turns are tighter than right turns, causing your right front tyre to wear out faster than the left.
  • Sidewall damage. The sidewalls on your left tyres are more likely to get bumped and rubbed against the pavement when parking your car. This can cause asymmetric sidewall wear.
  • Braking. Heavy, sudden and frequent braking can add stress to your front tyres.

What can you do about it?

Rotating your tyres will help ensure even tread wear, allowing them to last longer. Rotation entails swopping the back and front tyres around first, and then swopping the left and right front tyres.

Depending on the type of car you drive, we typically recommend you do this every 10,000 km.

Wheel Balancing

Balance your wheels

Despite advanced rubber compounds and manufacturing processes, even new tyres need to be balanced sometimes. And regardless of how well or how little you drive, tyres do eventually wear down over time. It is unlikely that they’ll wear down evenly, and this can cause:

  • Changes in the mass of rubber on your tyres.
  • A weight imbalance.
  • The steering wheel to shimmy and shake.


What can you do about it?

Get the best out of your tyres by making sure that they are all properly balanced. During wheel balancing, one of our technicians will:

  • Mount each tyre to its rim, and inflate it to the correct air pressure.
  • Fit a new valve stem.
  • Using a special machine, find the imbalance and determine its severity.
  • Balance the wheel by affixing wheel balancing weights to the rim.
  • Spin the wheel on the machine again to make sure it is correctly balanced.


Wheel balancing, wheel alignment, and tyre rotation should be done every 10,000kms or once per annum.

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